Precautions before cable installation

How to protect the cable?
Before cable installation, when the workers are erecting, we should pay attention to the protection of the cable, so that the cable can not be damaged, otherwise, not only the cable is damaged, a waste of money and manpower, but also the cable may have to rework and reset.
Transportation and storage of cables
Transportation and handling
Cables should not be damaged during transportation or loading and unloading. Do not push the cable reel directly off the car. Cable coiling should not be transported or stored horizontally.
Rolling cable
Before rolling the cable, it is necessary to ensure that the cable reel is secure and the cable is tightly wound and roll along the arrow on the cable reel or in the direction of cable tightening.
Cable storage
Cables are not used for the time being, should be stored in a centralized classification, indicating the model, voltage, specification, length. There should be a channel between the cable coil, and there should be no water in the storage place.
Cable and accessories requirements
Requirements for cables
Cable model, specifications, length should meet the requirements of the order, accessories should be complete; The appearance of the cable should not be damaged; Cable ends should be sealed tightly. When there is doubt in the appearance inspection, moisture judgment or test should be carried out.
Cable bridge
Cable bridge shall be classified and kept, and shall not be deformed by force.
Cable conduit
Cable tube should not be perforated, cracks and significant uneven, the inner wall should be smooth; Metal cable tube should not be seriously corroded; Rigid plastic pipes should not be used in places where the temperature is too high or too low. In places vulnerable to mechanical damage and in places where the force is large, pipes of sufficient strength should be used.
Configuration of cable support
The steel should be flat and straight, without obvious distortion, the error should be within 5mm, the welding should be firm, and the support should be anti-corrosion treatment. When located in hot and humid, salt spray and chemical corrosion areas, special anti-corrosion treatment should be done according to the design.
Engineering infrastructure requirements
Installation condition
The buried or laid conditions meet the design, and the installation is firm.
Basic work
The floor and surface work of cable trench, tunnel, shaft and manhole are completed.
Ensure construction access and accessories
Cable layer, cable trench, tunnel and other temporary construction facilities, formwork and construction waste should be cleaned as soon as possible, construction roads should be smooth and cover plates should be complete; Cable accessories are complete.