Cable shield

[Shielding (aluminum/copper, paper tape)]

Cable shield
The role of the shielding layer is mainly to protect the current or signal from external electromagnetic interference, and to avoid interference with the surrounding environment and current flow failure due to the electromagnetic field generated by itself in use. According to the requirements of shielding performance for the use of occasions, the selected materials are also different, such as copper wire braid shield, copper tape wrapping shield, copper wire thinly wound shield, aluminum alloy wire braid shield, copper aluminum wire braid shield, aluminum-plastic composite tape wrapping shield and so on.

Test index Standard value Test value
Monofilament outside diameter 0.443 mm 0.443 mm
Number of shielding wires 60 60
Elongation of shielding wire >=15% 28
Tensile strength of shielding wire <=98 MPa 85
Shield wire resistance <=3.08 3.0
Mask pitch multiple 10~14 14
Shield twist Towards the left Towards the left