Frequently Asked Questins

  1. How to know the production progress of the order?
    After confirming the order, we will contact the factory in time, issue production instructions according to the customer's requirements, and regularly inspect the goods, and timely feedback the product quality and production progress to the customer. Pictures and videos of the production of the product can also be sent to the customer.
  2. Shipping and returns
    After the product is produced, we will contact the freight forwarder, who is responsible for loading the goods into the container and transporting them to the designated place. Generally speaking, the goods are shipped by sea to the port of the buyer's country. If there is a quality problem, the customer can lodge a claim with us, and we will compensate according to the actual situation. Non-conforming products can be returned by sea using our address information. 
  3. How to protect customers' rights and interests?
    We protect the rights and interests of our customers in strict accordance with the terms of the contract or order.  In strict accordance with customer requirements of product demand production;  Deliver the goods at the agreed time;  Transport mode The goods will be shipped to the customer through communication between the two parties;  For unqualified products, we support return, and appropriate compensation for customers;  We will regularly show to customers in the form of photos, videos or other documents, so that customers understand the production situation of products;  Support customer regular inspection.

  4. Payment method description
    T/T: The customer pays 20%-30% deposit first, and the specific requirements are determined according to the customer.
    In addition to T/T, we also support L/C and OA payment methods.

  5. Delivery method
    FOB: The Buyer shall send a vessel to receive the goods. The Seller shall load the goods on the vessel designated by the buyer at the port of loading and within the time limit stipulated in the contract and notify the Buyer in time.

    CFR: Delivery on board at the port of loading, the seller shall pay the cost of transporting the goods to the named port of destination. However, the risk of the goods is transferred on delivery on board at the port of shipment.

    CIF: means delivery on board at the port of loading, the seller shall pay the cost of transporting the goods to the named port of destination, and arrange freight insurance for the buyer and pay the premium
  6. How to ensure cable quality?
    We have professional quality inspection personnel and cable engineers, we will strictly test every process of product production, as well as other details. 

  7. Product quality traceability?
    We can find the person in charge of production and the specific production time within ten minutes, find the problem in time and solve the problem. The following is a demonstration of the traceability process, please click:

                                                                            Huaxing cable China factory product traceability method