Bare Conductor Inspection

Bare Conductor(AAAC 60*2.65)
Our company produces bare conductors are:
Aluminum conductor, aluminum alloy conductor, aluminum conductor steel reinforced, aluminum alloy conductor steel reinforced, alvanized steel wire, etc.

Production process:
The raw material aluminum rod (aluminum alloy rod, steel rod) is processed by wire drawing machine to make monofilament. Then, according to customer requirements, n monofilm wheels are installed on the stranding machine for stranding to make conductors. The conductor is composed of at least 7 monofilaments twisted together.

Conductor inspection items (empty items are not required by customers)
Conductor type All Aluminum Alloy Conductor(AAAC 60*2.65mm2)
Test index Standard value Max minimum Test value
Conductor dc resistance 0.0951
Outer diameter of conductor 20.7 20.90 20.50 20.90
Aluminum wire outer diameter diameter 2.65 2.66 2.64 2.64
Elongation of aluminum wire 34
Conductor surface Smooth surface without defect Up to standard
Tensile strength of monofilament 84
Outer pitch multiple 13
Number of conductor strands 60 60
Conductor twist Towards the left