Inspection of plastic particles

Cable plastic particle raw material

Sheath plastic particle inspection process
The inspection of cable plastic particles shall be carried out after delivery by the supplier, and entered into the warehouse after passing the inspection, and conversely, returned to the supplier.

Cable plastic particle density calculation (specific gravity calculation method)
Items needed before testing
  • A balance with an accuracy of 0.1mg
  • A specific gravity bottle with a capacity of 50 mL
  • Test solution (96% alcohol)
  • 3g to 5g plastic particles 
1.Zero the scale
2.Weigh the container bottle
3.Take sheath particles weighing more than 2g and less than 6g and put them into a container bottle
4.Pour the alcohol into the container bottle, fill it up, and close the container lid without bubbles
5.When no air bubbles are found, remove the plastic particles, pour the liquid back into the container and cover it with the lid. There should be no air bubbles.
6.The density of plastic particles is obtained by calculating the specific gravity