Cable Insulation

[Insulation layer: purple]

Cable Insulation
The main function of the cable insulation layer is to insulate the conductors in the cable from the surrounding environment or adjacent conductors. The core of the cable is a conductor. In order to prevent equipment damage caused by short circuit of the exposed wire and harm to people by the wire that exceeds the safe voltage, the cable must be covered with an insulating protective layer (non-conductor).

Different occasions of wire tear resistance, temperature resistance are different, high-quality insulation layer needs to have good physical and mechanical properties, such as tensile, bending, vibration, torsion, etc., to adapt to these different use of the environment; No matter how harsh the environment, the wire can operate normally and reliably under the protection of the insulation layer.
Common type of insulation PVC/XLPE/PE
Common test items
(Testing standards according to regional cable standards or customer requirements)
Insulating surface
Insulation outside diameter
Insulation thickness
The thinnest point of insulation thickness
Thermal extension of insulation
After insulation cooling
Insulation color